From the food industry to the chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, with unique solutions for each sector.

B&B Silo Systems is the result of the successful intuition of its founding members; intuitions revolving around the original idea of automating the production processes of raw materials in the agro-food sector.

The desire to find answers to the individual ideas and the particular projects of each customer soon became the primary objective of the company. This meant that the design and production of tailor-made solutions could also be applied to other sectors, such as the chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries; thus favouring the expansion of our reference markets.

The willingness to meet customers from all over the world, with direct visits to their factories, but also the presence at major trade fairs, in Italy as well as abroad, have made B&B Silo Systems known at an international level, extending the Customer Portfolio. Not only that, the widening of the range of action on a global scale has made new and dynamic partnerships possible, continuously evolving; allowing us to reach our business partners in an increasingly widespread way.