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Each component is tailor-made, from the storage to the dosing point.


Our experience and know-how make us a unique partner in the food sector, geared towards increasing productivity, flexibility and reliability.

We can offer you the best solutions for the automation of production processes, involving macro and micro ingredients, in powder and/or liquids; with the aim of minimising manual operations and ensuring maximum accuracy.

Each B&B Silo Systems system adapts to its context, providing the storage of raw materials in internal and/or external silos, whose loading takes place through sack or big-bag unloading systems, or directly from the supplier's truck. Subsequently, the raw materials are conveyed to the dosing point, through appropriate mechanical or pneumatic transport systems. Finally, the powder and/or liquid ingredients are dosed and mixed in the hoppers placed near the mixers. For micro-ingredients we have, instead, designed micro-dosers with manual or automatic loading.

In addition to the actual systems, B&B Silo Systems provides the appropriate accessories or special components: dust extraction systems, sieve shakers, mixers, mills for sugar grinding, fermenters, flour cooling systems.

The management and control of the single component or the complete system is carried out by micro-processors and operator panels, developed specifically by our technicians.